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Foam former for foam concrete

Foam former PB-LUX represents an optimum mix anion-active SAS with stabilizing and functional additives. It is used as a steam generator in manufacturing foam concrete. The product possesses high technological, economic and ecological characteristics, allowing to receive the maximal profit at the minimal costs.

It is used in all known technologies in getting foam concrete - with the use of foam generator and other technologies. Foam former PB-LUX gives stability to foam-concrete mass that allows to transport ready mass on significant distances.

Foam former PB-LUX is widely known in the market, has passed all necessary tests, there are all necessary documents, there is a sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion.

Operational advantages of PB-LUX
Universality. It is used in all known technologies of foam concrete. Frequency rate of foam varies from 5 up to 50 by changing the set-ups of the equipment. It allows to get foam concrete with density 350-1200 kg/m3.

It can be combined with all organic and inorganic additives used for concrete modifications.

Practicality. It contains all necessary components for achievement of high frequency rate and stability of foam. It is easily dosed out and mixes up with water.

Stability. The factor of stability of foam in the cement test exceeds 0,95.

Physical and chemical parameters of foam former  PB-LUX

The Name of a parameter

TC norm 2481-004-59586231-2005


The Homogeneous liquid from light yellow up to brown color

The Smell

Specific, inherent in a product

Density at 20Ñ, kg/m3

1040 - 1100


8,0 – 10,5

Frequency rate of foam of a working solution with a volume fraction of a product of 4%, not less


Stability of foam in the technological environment

Stands test

Economic advantages of PB-LUX
Reduction of operational costs. The contribution of cost foam former in the cost price of foam concrete makes PB-LUX from 2 up to 10 % from cost of raw materials.

The best parity on set the “price-quality-service“.

Ecological advantages of PB-LUX
It does not have a negative influence on the environment. A degree of  destruction is above 90%.  Low-danger substance. It concerns to 4 class of danger.
Flame- and explosion-proof. It is not toxic. Outflows do not break the balance of the environment.

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